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Do you collect coins? Then this software is for you! ďThe Numismatistís SafeĒ will help organize and manage your collection, creating an electronic catalogue of your coins on your PC.
Now you will always be aware of the status of any item in your collection without straining paperwork. It is now just a matter of turning on your computer, launching ďThe Numismatistís SafeĒ and enjoying the result.

ďThe Numismatistís SafeĒ features: Working with ďThe Numismatistís SafeĒ is easy and does not require any special training.

Manage coin collections

If you have several collections or your whole family is into your hobby, then ďThe Numismatistís SafeĒ will help you create an electronic catalogue for each collection. Add, edit, delete and archive your collections.

The numismatist's safe. Collections.

Manage coin lists in your collection

Add coins to collection, edit their description, duplicate them, delete them and move them between collections. The Delete and Move functions are available for multiple coins at once. Split the collection into groups for your convenience and organize the catalogue.

The numismatist's safe. Main.

Create coin description

Use more than 10 informational and 20 static characteristics for coin description. There is no need to type in the same text all over again Ė just create an informational element and pick it as needed from the list. Add information from numismatic catalogues. Add information on coin purchase and selling.

The numismatist's safe. Coin.

The numismatist's safe. References.

Attach coin pictures

Upload coin pictures from file or clipboard. The software is designed so that even large image sizes wonít affect its performance. Take a close-up photo of your coin! The built-in browser will allow you to view attached images and see every little detail of your coin.

The numismatist's safe. Coin.

Set up the software the way you like it

Change the column order in coin list view. Clicking on column headers in main window will allow you to use multi-level list sorting. Use the filter view to build the coin list with common characteristics.

The numismatist's safe. Columns setup.

Searching is easy!

Do you need to quickly find a certain coin in your collection? Use the global search function. You can fine-tune the search terms and see the results. You can also use the list quicksearch function. Just put the cursor on the column and start typing in the first letters Ė the cursor will jump to the needed line.

The numismatist's safe. Searching.

Importing data

There is no need to input informational data by hand. The software is bundled with easily imported text files containing all basic information. You are even not required to create coin entries - if you have a catalogue of your collection in MS Excel format, you can import this data using the coin import function.

The numismatist's safe. Import.

Print reports

Set up and print reports of various kinds. You can create lists, print coin cards, choose coins to be included in report, sort them or group them, etc. You can also see the statistics for coin purchase and selling grouped by time periods, view total expenses and profit. Any report can be exported to MS Word or MS Excel.

The numismatist's safe. Print setup.

The numismatist's safe. Report.

You can download the trial version of the software here: Download (2,84 Mb)

The trial version is for evaluation purposes only and has limitations of collection creation and coin addition to collections.

Registration of the software removes those limitations: Buy Now! via ShareIt service or Get FREE! via TrialPay platform.

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